Text Processing

Dave Calkins 1 davecs1 at verizon.net
Wed Mar 29 02:30:56 EST 2006

>> True, Rev "COULD" be a worthy contender for anything involving text
>> processing, but not until they add a few of the very basic text 
>> editing
>> tools that end users need.

Richard, in reading my response, I realized, that my post could have 
come off wrong. I in no way was trying to take a shot at you or your 
post,; I probably just need to get a little more sleep.

> Those are indeed valuable, but in the generic sense they're not "text
> processing" features so much as for "word processing", the former being
> related to parsing, searching, and re-assembling text, with the latter
> related more to the formatting and presentation of text.

That's true, I read your statement and filtered it through my wants / 
needs grid. I have been after these features since 1.1.1. My original 
bugzilla enhancements disappeared long ago, and with Tuviah's 18 month 
old response, I figured that these short coming would have been 
addressed by now.

Right now, I have several of applications that I want to develop with 
Rev that without these simple text word processing abilities are not 
really doable. This is because my end user will not be able to modify 
and format the text reports that are generated. How professional would 
my program look to a client, when I ask them to make the final 
revisions to the data in the word processor of their choice, just so 
they can add and then format the elements that can not be anticipated / 
programed into their final report.  I can just see telling the client, 
"You want the header that you added centered, sure just tab and space 
over until it looks kind of good.  What, you want to change the 
report's font header size? Sure, just delete a few spaces to get it 
centered again." Indent that paragraph, don't ask why the text is in 
different fields."  ;o)  Humor Intended.

I tried to email Tuviah, to find out the status of these elements, but 
the message was bounced back as undelivered. Is Tuviah still part of 
the Rev team?

> But I share your enthusiasm for these, and look forward to reading what
> the folks at RunRev have to say on these....
> --
>   Richard Gaskin
>   Managing Editor, revJournal
Dave Calkins

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