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Wed Mar 29 01:20:01 EST 2006

On 3/28/06 9:25 PM, "Troy Rollins" <troy_lists at> wrote:

> It wouldn't bother me too much if it hadn't worked so much better
> before. Unless I am missing something about the way AppleEvents are
> handled we lost a lot of Mac capability somewhere along with "do
> script".

Actually, it's not lost, Troy! What's necessary is the "aete" resource that
used to be shipped with MetaCard, but for some reason no longer ships with
Revolution. All you need to do is copy/paste using ResFool, and you not only
have "do script" and "eval", but you can use ResFool to make your
application FULLY AppleScriptable... I'm doing this with a custom app I've
built for my clients.

In fact, you can:

tell application "Epicure Dispatcher"  -- an MC/Rev app
  play show "MyShow" without stopping
end tell

and it understands that "play show" translates to the appleEvent "EPICplay"
which it then acts on.

I'm planning on taking about how to AppleScript your app (including creating
a simple Automator action for Rev apps) at Monterey in June, so if you
happen to be going, you can take notes...


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