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Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at
Tue Mar 28 13:24:31 EST 2006

I would never do business with Network Solutions.

Not long ago, they were the only Registrars, and they acted like it, 
even after competition was allowed. They were very late in the game 
to make it easier to get a domain name. In the late 90's it took a 
flurry of emails, pointless munging of text and a couple of weeks to 
get a new one, and there was no web interface.

in 1999, I finally found and moved all my domains and 
my clients' domains there. Their control panel and other software 
worked great and they didn't gouge -- NS charges $35/domain, BD 
charges $16/year.

The final straw when I did use Network Solutions for a few clients - 
was when they sent letters that looked like re-registering documents 
for their <current> registrars, when only the fine print at the 
bottom indicated that responding would SWITCH them to NS. These 
letters were sent to the LEGAL owners of the domains (rock star 
management companies) who didn't have a clue about anything and would 
respond automatically, sending a check on its way. Meanwhile the 
sysop/webmaster dude (me) gets no notification this goes on until 
it's almost switched - or when the site goes down. This slimy trick 
combined with no admin notification in this instance and ridiculous 
prices put them off my radar for anything. I did notice that they 
didn't seem to have ever done this again, so people must have 

I just checked -- they promise a lot, but the 
site is awfully slow.

And if <their> site is slow... imagine how fast your little hunk of 
webspace will be through them. Whadya think they're going to oversell 
the space?

It's always better to get one's own web hosting than through these packages.


>I just finished integrating my rev project with Paypal very nicely 
>(details comming soon). Then my publisher says,
>"I'd like to do this with MonsterCommerce"....argh! is someone 
>pulling my fingernails out?
>As an added bonus, I see on their website that they're a 
>NetworkSolutions company- the same group that refused to do anything 
>to get revolution cgi's working. Ouch! there goes another nail!

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