When closed, does a substack whose destroyStack is true remains in memory ?

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Mon Mar 27 13:07:54 EST 2006

Martin Blackman wrote:
> Thanks Andre thats what I was suspecting if following the docs to the letter.
> It doesn't seem like it should be necessary to save a file to disc
> though just to print out !
> For the printing which I have done, mostly unstyled text, I haven't
> found any difference whether formatforprinting is on or off anyway.

With some fonts, the difference in sizing is so minimal that the output 
appears the same whether formatForPrinting is set or not. But with other 
fonts, there can be a dramatic difference. On Windows machines, it is 
usually a good idea to set formatForPrinting to true.

One way to get around the save-close-open restriction is to make a 
substack that will be used specifically for printing only, set its 
formatForPrinting to true, and save it with the mainstack. From then on, 
when you dump text into the substack's fields, they should use printer 
fonts rather than screen fonts.

Another way to deal with it, if you want to create printing stacks on 
the fly, is to set the formatForPrinting of the templateStack to true. 
Then when you create a new stack for printing, the property will already 
be set and will not require closing and reopening. This is how the Rev 
printing library does it.

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