Corrupted Stacks

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Mon Mar 27 12:44:51 EST 2006

Iden Rosenthal wrote:
 > Actually they were made with 2.7 although 2.6.2 is installed on the
 > machine I use also. But I definitely made them with 2.7. Thanks for  the
 > info about purging from memory. I still have no idea why it told  me the
 > stacks were corrupted. I'm almost positive it used the word  corrupted.
 > Definitely it said there is a problem opening the stacks  and I should
 > look for a  backup.

If you just double-clicked the stack to launch Revolution, it may be 
possible that 2.6 launched instead. That would certainly give you the 
"corrupted" error. If it told you to look for a backup, then yes, you 
did get the "stack is corrupted" message.

Try having 2.7 launched before you double-click at stack and see what 

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