Deleting A Card

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sun Mar 26 17:09:09 EST 2006

Klaus Major wrote:
> Hi Jacqueline,
>> Klaus Major wrote:
>> > Please be aware that deleting the last card will not actually delete
>> > that last card
>> > BUT!!!!! it will delete ALL CONTENT of that card and that is not  
>> undoable!
>> Interesting, I didn't know that. The engine apparently is deleting  
>> the card, but since you can't have a stack without at least one  card, 
>> it immediately creates a new one. If you compare the IDs of  the 
>> original card and the one that is automatically made after the  
>> deletion, the IDs are different.
> Ah, yes that's true.
>> So I'm not sure if this should be called a bug or an expected  behavior.
>> When you indicate you want to delete the card, it makes sense  that's 
>> what should happen.
> Sure, but at least this is a surprising feature ;-)

Yes. At the least, it should be documented.

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