copy from a locked, focusable fld under Windows (results & one question, now answered )

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Mon Mar 27 03:15:07 EST 2006

Le Monday, 27 Mar 2006, à 00:27 Europe/Paris, J. Landman Gay a écrit :

> André.Bisseret wrote:
>> Also, this simpler handler works on Windows as well as on Mac. :
>> on copySelection
>> copy the selectedText -- the html form is kept :-)
>> end copySelection
>> 2 - BUT, if these handlers are triggered from a button :
>> on Mac, it is OK
>> on Windows, that does not work with the mouse "left button", but does 
>> work with the "right button"  (discovered by chance by one testor) !
>> It seems as if the click on the button using the left mouse button on 
>> Windows deselects the text that was selected in the field.
> Set the traversalOn of the button to false. With it on, it removes the 
> selection. Macs generally don't respond to button traversal, so it 
> doesn't affect them, but Windows OS does respond to it.
Great :-)))
Up to now I had not noticed that buttons depended on the traversalOn 
property. I understand from your answer that it is likely because I am 
working on Mac.
Well, I have just discovered that I could have get the answer if I had 
better read the Doc ! (under "Important", on the TraversalOn page !). I 
am a bit ashamed!

Actually, It was the last (known) problem I had to figure out, as for 
the adaptation of my app. to Windows.

I thank you very much for helping me once more :-)


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