Rev Media and the product line gap

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun Mar 26 20:53:26 EST 2006

Dan Shafer wrote:

> It feels like this inconvenience is pretty minor unless the user actually
> moves the mouse to the dock, moves around to find the app s/he wants to use
> and clicks on it.

This raises a question about who the product is targeted for:  If one's 
doing multimedia and wants a backdrop, they probably don't want the Dock 
and the menu bar.  If they want the Dock and the menu bar, they probably 
don't want the backdrop.

So what is the target market who prefers both a backdrop and the Dock/menus?

> That said, I too am puzzled by the decision that leaving the backdrop on all
> the time somehow makes Rev Media a differentiated, less capable product. And
> that in turn may explain why I'm not in marketing.

I'll take bets that a different differentiator find its way into the 
product within 12 months or less....

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