Avoiding line cut-off in a multipage printout

Scott Morrow scott at elementarysoftware.com
Sun Mar 26 19:57:51 EST 2006

This is what I do, also and I agree that using the formattedHeight of  
characters seems more convoluted than one would like.  Or perhaps I  
don't understand things well enough.  I've found that when I switch  
to < formatForPrinting > the heights of things change enough to cause  
problems with any exact calculation I might have done  (last line may  
be partially clipped) unless I leave some wiggle room in my  
calculations.  Using lines would be nice.

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On Mar 26, 2006, at 5:36 AM, Graham Samuel wrote:

> I have a print routine adapted from something Hugh Senior put in  
> The Scripter's Scrapbook (thanks Hugh). I may well have done  
> something stupid to it, but I am making heavy weather of making  
> sure that if I'm printing more than a single page of text, the last  
> line on any given page is not cut off so that only part of the line  
> shows.
> The issue is that AFAIK, RunRev thinks only in terms of pixels and  
> not in terms of lines of type. In these circumstances the only way  
> I can think of to avoid the cutoff is to add up all the formatted  
> heights of the successive lines until I find I've overflowed my  
> page area, then backtrack one whole line and print that (I'm  
> thinking of a generalised routine which will handle lines in  
> different fonts and of different heights, so I can't simply look at  
> the height of the first line and work from there).
> This works but it seem incredibly clunky. I assume that this  
> problem has been solved many times, and that maybe there is even a  
> way of telling RR that you want to print in whole lines but I've  
> somehow missed it.
> I'd be grateful for any advice.
> Graham
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