Distributor Agreements--suggestions please

Thomas McCarthy tominjapan at excite.com
Sat Mar 25 18:58:38 EST 2006

I'm about to finish a huge (for me) project. I need to work out the percentages with my publisher before I hand over the keys to the car.

What is a reasonable price sharing equation? Pertinent facts:
1. I wrote the program and took care of all the media involved.
2. I created the web site (and am mantaining it, I guess)
3. He will place the software on CD's both in the jacket of my book and as a standalone product.

So basically, he will market the product and I will create/support it.
Is a 50/50 split of gross usual?

Also, are there some ready-to use boiler plate agreements I could use?
(note to rev: This would be a great resource, and you could put a reference to RunTime Revolution in it.)

many thanks in advance,

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