capsLockKey Message? -- bitesize pendingMessages tutorial

Erik Hansen erikhans08 at
Sat Mar 25 17:43:22 EST 2006

a great bitesize tutorial on pendingMessages.

Erik Hansen

> Set up a loop like this:
> on checkCaps
>     if the capsLockKey = "down" then put
> "Capslock ON"
>     else put "Capslock OFF"
>     if the pendingMessages contains "checkCaps"
> is false then
>         send checkCaps to me in 10 ticks
>     end if
> end checkCaps
> What I do is alter the repeat time (set to 10
> ticks or 1/6th of a
> second above) until it is just fast enough.
> That way you aren't taking
> more of the processor time that you need.
> Don't forget to have a way to cancel the
> message when quitting or when
> it is no longer needed.
> Here is my general message cancel handler:
> on cancelMessage pMsg
>     put the pendingMessages into tList
>     repeat for each line L in tList
>         if item 3 of L contains pMsg then
> cancel item 1 of L
>     end repeat
> end cancelMessage

erik at

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