Save stacks periodically to avoid crashes? [OT]

Dennis Brown see3d at
Sat Mar 25 15:32:35 EST 2006

After a lot of clever hacking, I have found that I can almost always  
find the counter in any application that counts the number of  
keystrokes since the last save.  Once the counter crosses a certain  
threshold, a random number is invoked in each new keystroke.  If the  
random number matches the keystroke count, then a crash is provoked.

It is all part of a secret programmers guild directive designed to  
help users learn to save and back up their work regularly.  It is  
expected that after 11 generations, the urge to save will become a  
reflex built into the human genome through natural selection.  Those  
who do not learn to save will become failures in life --unable to  
attract a mate. Their "bad" genes will then vanish from the species.

Dennis ;-)

On Mar 24, 2006, at 11:49 AM, Jon Seymour wrote:

> Hi, I've been using Rev for about a year. I'm sure it won't shock  
> most of you to hear that periodically Rev just seems tired and  
> crashes. Now I am sure that coding glitches are sometimes at fault,  
> but generally speaking I think Rev (esp. 2.7) has stability issues.  
> Here's the thing, though: it seems that if I am saving the stack  
> periodically, which I would tend to do to avoid losing data in a  
> crash, the program actually crashes less. It's as if saving has  
> some benefit to memory management or who-knows-what-else in the  
> engine. It's like a "refresh" function. Has anyone else observed  
> this? Is there a rationale? Would it be smart to have a commercial  
> application save its stacks regularly, not only to store user  
> changes, but simply to confer stability?
> Jon
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