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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Mar 24 11:12:52 EST 2006

David Burgun wrote:
 > It used to read:
 > put item 2 of myDataRecord into me
 > But I have had to change it because the use of:
 > put <something> into  me
 >      or
 > set the text of me to <something>
 > Is not 100% reliable - see thread entitled "Weirdness Passing
 > Messages" if you would like more details.

Yes, perhaps the best post to start with is this one:

In it I summarize the result of testing this out to discover that the 
circumstances needed to expose a bug related to this use of "me" are 
highly specific:

The handler must reside in an object which is on an unopened card, 
meaning that it never gets triggered by any direct user action; thus far 
I know of no circumstances in which "me" in an object on a card that can 
be seen fails.

So how does one trigger something that can cause "me" to come into play 
on an unopened card?  It only occurs if you choose the relatively 
inefficient method of using "send" instead of any natural part of the 
message path.

Most xTalks don't even allow sending messages to objects on unopened 
cards, and in Rev you can still operate on any object on any unopened 
card with the only exception known to date being if that object's text 
is affected by using "me" after receiving a message sent outside of the 
normal message path with "send", and then it fails only if the card it's 
on is not open.

In that post are also two simple workarounds to avoid this bug:

a) use "the long ID of me" instead of simply "me"

b) set the text directly from the script that sends the message

I'm not sure it's helpful to the readers here to say that "me" is not 
100% reliable without providing details; while narrowly accurate, it 
appears that "me" is 99.99% reliable, with only one highly specific 
circumstance required to expose a bug that to my knowledge has affects 
very few people in actual use, in a circumstance where using option a) 
above still relies on "me" and takes only a few seconds to correct for 
on one line with no changes required to any other code.

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