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Thanks for your reply, but yes, I'm sure the problem is with Safari only
(and more specifically with a previous version of Safari)...

On the cgi end I'm using the solution you describe since 2001 or so
(when it was posted by Andu Kovac on the MC list AFAIR) and never
had any form data truncated using a POST method...

And finally I'm sure that some form elements are skipped bacause data
that are supposed to be (for instance) in elements 8 and 9 finally appear
in elements 5 and 6...

Thanks anyway,

> Coming late to this.
> Are you sure the problem is with Safari and not at the CGI end? When
> you say some elements of the form are being skipped, what appears at
> the CGI end? Are some arbitrary form elements missing, or is it that
> the posted data is truncated? (I'm assuming the form is using POST
> and not GET. If not, you can ignore this?)
> If it appears that the data is truncated, it may be the reading of
> the data in the CGI that is the problem. There is a known issue
> concerning reading from stdin in a cgi script if you just do this:
>       read from stdin for $CONTENT_LENGTH
> To be sure you get all the data, you need to do something like this:
>        put empty into tBuf
>        repeat while length(tBuf) < $CONTENT_LENGTH
>          read from stdin for $CONTENT_LENGTH
>          put it after tBuf
>        end repeat
> If you know all this, my apologies. But just in case you're looking
> in the wrong place.
> Cheers
> Dave
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