Revolution in Seattle?

Garrett Hylltun garrett at
Thu Mar 23 23:19:45 EST 2006

Bruce Robertson wrote:
> Got any idea how many Revolution users there might be in the Seattle area?
> Or good sources for demonstrations?
> At Seattle's Mac user group dBug <> we are giving some
> thought to demonstrating Rev at a meeting. I'm trying to find good resources
> to support such an activity. 

I'm still a newbie really, but have enough of a grasp now that I think I 
could show others the basics about Rev.  But I'm down at American Lake, 
just below Tacoma, next to Fort Lewis.

As long as you provide the computer and Rev on it.  I'd use my laptop, 
but I didn't get the Windows license.  I have it setup as a dual boot 
with a linux distro, and Rev is installed on the linux, but!  Rev is so 
ugly on linux that I'd really prefer not to show people that unless no 
choice.  I'd bring my Mac Mini with Rev on it, but it's just to gosh 
darned pretty sitting right where it's at  :-)


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