Launch .rev file from .exe

Jeff Honken jhonken at
Thu Mar 23 20:10:48 EST 2006

Yep.  That worked great.  Is there any way to put a password on a .rev
file so someone else can't modify the file.  I know there is if I save
it to an .exe but can you put a password on a .rev file?  Jeff

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Hey Jeff,

If I understand your question, you would use:

go stack URL "HTTP://"

Marty Knapp
> Ken,
>   Thanks for the reply.  If my .rev is out on the web I'm assuming I
> have to go out and get it before I use the "Open" command.  Do you
> the best way to fetch the file and open it?   I have a small test app
> that I'm trying to open and run at: HTTP://
> Jeff
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