White Flash

Chris Carroll-Davis chris at carroll-davis.co.uk
Thu Mar 23 11:09:19 EST 2006

Hello all

Does anyone know a cunning way to prevent a window briefly painting  
white when changing the window decorations??

I'm allowing user to toggle between a "full screen mode" (kiosk-type  
-  with black backdrop, hidden menubar and plain centred window) and  
a "standard" (draggable, minimizeable) window mode.   On OSX, at  
least, (not checked Windows yet) the stack briefly flashes white when  
setting the decorations which is a bit distracting.  Locking/ 
unlocking screen around the "Set decorations..." line doesn't help.

I suspect I'll have to live with it ('cos it's a "system thing") -  
but I do seem to remember in my SC days (heretic! heretic!) there was  
an xcmd called "no flash" or "don'tPaintWhite" or similar.



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