Get a handler from a script

Wouter wouter.abraham at
Wed Mar 22 08:55:51 EST 2006

Hi David,

On 22 Mar 2006, at 12:53, David Burgun wrote:

> Hi,
> Nice Script!
> There is just one thing I don't understand?
> What are the:
> get  "/*" & i
> Statements for?????

/* this is a comment
as is this */function whatever
return "something"
end whatever

This is to force the tokenizing.
The script is parsed line by line.
The first line of the block comment will be eliminated by token 1 to  
- 1 of  i
But the first token of  the  second line of the block comment will be  
the first word --> "as"
By adding a "/*" in front of that line the first token will be  

> Thanks a lot
> All the Best
> Dave


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