MVC in Rev?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Mar 22 15:36:42 EST 2006

I've been reworking my framework and its data management engine to 
explore ways it can shorten my development time even more.  Since MVC is 
the buzzword du jour, I've been looking into ways of implementing MVC in 

Factoring code, data, and presentation is generally easy in Rev, and 
with getProp and setProp it's not hard to establish triggers for 
updating UI elements.  But as for MVC per se, I'm not yet certain that 
particular OOP pattern is a good fit for Transcript.

With Cocoa it makes a lot of sense, mostly because Cocoa is inherently 
OOP and the MVC classes are built in from the ground up.  There it fits 
like a glove; in fact, it *is* the glove.

But if we step back from the specifics of MVC implementations in other 
languages and look instead to the goals it serves and the benefits it 
provides, I'm left wondering:

Are there simpler ways to get the same productivity benefits in Rev 
without adhering to formal definitions of MVC for other languages?

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