Editing a VB script from within Revolution

Thomas McGrath III 3mcgrath at adelphia.net
Wed Mar 22 13:26:01 EST 2006


Does anyone know or can show me how to edit and run a VB script from  
with a Rev stack?

I want to change item's in the VB script and then run it like I am  
doing with Applescript on the Mac side.

I know how to launch an external script from within REV but I want to  
run a script stored in a field or custom property within REV.

answer file "Run VB script" with "OK" and "Cancel"
if it is not " then launch it with "WScript.exe"

Also, Does anyone know how to get VB scripts to execute with out  
having the user to instal WSH WScript.exe ?

Thanks for any help in advance.


Thomas J McGrath III
3mcgrath at adelphia.net

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