Windows Dunce Question (probably OT)

Chris Carroll-Davis chris at
Wed Mar 22 10:12:37 EST 2006

Hello folks.

Question here from complete Windows dope.  What am I doing wrong?  
I've installed Rev on PC to test and tweak stuff I've written on Mac.  
But... any .rev files I see have the wrong icon. Presumably the file  
association is wrong on my system.  I have tried going to  
"properties" of file and choosing Revolution as the prog to open the  
file.  But a) Rev isn't in the list...  and b) if I then "browse" for  
Rev, the PC won't add Rev to the list or associate it with the file.

Upshot is, I can't double-click file (without opening wrong program)  
or drag file to Rev program (if I do, it opens Rev but Rev ignores  
file).  The only way I can open the file is by ctrl-O and choosing  
from dlog... - and that's just oh-so-last-century...

Do any of you Windows experts have any suggestions?  Do I have a  
screwed up registry or something?  Or just a screwed up Mac user?



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