DRM for Images and Text in Stacks

Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Wed Mar 22 04:22:24 EST 2006

On Mar 21, 2006, at 10:13 AM, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> So while it keeps people who don't have Rev from extracting data,  
> it still leaves data vulnerable to those who do.

Exactly the problem...

Scott wrote:

>   but I would guess the likelihood of your users owning a copy of  
> Rev is lower than folks' ability to snoop around file
> contents.

true now and confirmed, both custom props and fields are encrypted  
contains on disk but our assumption that the possibilities of such  
extraction are "low" is based on the less than enthusiastic ontology  
that the number of rev developers in the world of manifest being is  
small i.e. the statistical chances of theft are low relative to the  
number of  users using the "product" (or who might try to hack it in  
BBedit or  whatever...) without the IDE...

but:  remember the "Dream World" I proposed initially on this thread  
posits a different ontology: Rev becomes very popular and the number  
of IDEs in the universe approaches infinity, (excuse the word fun)  
suddenly the chances for theft jump....

> Isn't there a BZ request for SC-style password protection?  In SC  
> setting the password prevents the stack from being opened in the  
> IDE. If there isn't already a request for this maybe someone should  
> post one, with recommendations on what that password property  
> should be called.

I just put that feature request in...I didn't know SC had this (I  
haven't used SC in years)  I'm sorry to say I did not exercise due  
diligence  to determine if said enhancement  was already there...  
anyway, enhancement 3404 is now there and was assigned to the engine  
team. I'm not competent to recommend a password property name. But to  
get the ball rolling -- at the risk of using metaphorical terms (but  
why not? we use "anchor" in html, "wizard" for a small tool and  
"firewall" in net admin, and "Tiger" for and OS)

Would terms related to "lock" work?: (opening my thesaurus....)

adjectives for the state of such a stack: (where the property is true  
or  false)

Where the propery being true means you cannot  open the stack:

"bolted" # like the door to a  house
"lockout" # those inside preventing entry to those outside
"kapu" (taboo in Hawaiian)

"secure" # as in an SSL transaction: completely opaque and unextractable
"closed" # as in a meeting in a room with the door shut

Nouns for a stack in such a state:


Where the property being true is the default and if set to false,  
means you cannot open the stack



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