Progress Made?

Graham Samuel livfoss at
Wed Mar 22 03:34:04 EST 2006

I'm sorry for Arthur Urban and his experience of "perpetual crashing  
on WinXP", and I'm glad to see Jacqueline's statement that the  
problem has been acknowledged and is being fixed. I just want to  
confirm that this doesn't affect everyone: at present I am switching  
an app I'm developing between OSX and and WinXP machine many times  
each day, with both machines running RR2.7.0, and for me both are  
entirely stable. Incidentally I also find that I don't have to zip  
my .rev files to swap them between machines (I use an external server  
for both archiving and swapping), which I believe is contrary to some  
other people's experience.

For me it would be interesting to find out what are the exact  
circumstances causing these crashes, just in case I suddenly create  
them by accident. But it certainly ain't a universal problem.


Graham Samuel / The Living Fossil Co. / UK and France

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