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Girard Damien dam-pro.girard at
Tue Mar 21 11:58:00 EST 2006

Hi joe,

The media support under runrev under Linux/Unix is really poor (compared  
to Windows or MacOS X).

There is a enchancement request about that, please vote for him :

You will cannot play a video file in your stack with your trick, If you  
an audio support, you will have to write some scripts and to manually call  

And you cannot create a plugins for Revolution in C++, because the  
Revolution Linux/Unix
engine doesn't support that (compared to Windows or MacOS X).


Girard Damien.

Le Tue, 21 Mar 2006 15:44:53 +0100, Joe Baskerville <joeb at> a  

> hi all,
> i have an issue with playing sound from a stack on linux. the  
> documentation states that revolution uses xanim to play audio files, but  
> as has been documented in many places, this is no longer in development  
> and is tricky to install.
> so im trying to use mplayer instead. the methods i've tried to get this  
> working are:
> creating a shell script called xanim, which is in the path, which passes  
> any arguements onto mplayer. running this from the command line works  
> fine, but its not being picked up by revolution.
> i've also tried stating the audio/video player using the videoClipPlayer  
> property, but this doesnt seem to work either.
> has anybody had any luck with this? i can call mplayer (or the xanim  
> script) using the shell function and it works fine, but i'd rather it  
> used the internal play function.
> any help would be appreciated,
> cheers, joe.
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