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> Josh,
> Very strong statements. Wow!  If I may ask for further  
> clarification... I have two questions I'd love you expound upon.
> 1)  RealBasic -- that's the main rival, as I see it.  I haven't  
> written big enough apps to test, but it seem that the compiler is  
> pretty fast. I wonder how they compare in development and upkeep of  
> for database projects.  What are your thoughts about the 2  
> development environments?

We developed a product in RealBasic a few years ago and never  
released it- (Director was not OS X compatible yet and so not an  
option). At that time (several years ago) we found the compiler slow  
and the general performance atrocious (rollover graphics working  
intermittently, slowly, sticking on over or down states, QT movies  

Of course a lot may have changed since then...

> 2) Revolution vs Ruby on Rails?  You mean to say you use Revolution  
> to write browser enabled web-apps? Something I could access with  
> Firefox?  If so, I'd love to hear more.

Read Richard Gaskin's article about "Beyond the Browser". <http://> Everyone is going  
nuts over Web 2.0, AJAX, Ruby on Rails... sure, for many applications  
(like, a website for example!) running something in a browser makes  

For any serious business or media application, all the days of trying  
to make Javascript work across browsers, degrade gracefully, etc. can  
be better spent making the app better!

Just like you have to download iTunes, RealPlayer, Google Earth,  
etc., an independent executable that communicates with a remote  
shared database makes way more sense to me than trying to force a  
browser to do more than pictures and text.

The exception is Flash, an amazing technology that runs in a browser,  
but sadly, the dev environment seems more suited for masochists than  
people who just want the job done... before lunch.

Just my .03 (inflation)

> Thanks again for you very insightful comments.  I really appreciate  
> them.
> Michael
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