Arrays as custom properties?

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at
Sun Mar 19 18:27:29 EST 2006

actually, I use arrays of arrays all the time:

make a text list like this:

key1    <tab>    DATA1  <tab>  etc/
key2    <tab>    DATA2   <tab>  etc/
key3    <tab>    DATA3   <tab>  etc/

set the CustomPropSetName[customPropertyName] of this stack to <textList>

each <textlist> property could be made into an array variable for 
easier use.. from a single custom property. Or you might need lists 
of lists...

The key is to keep each record of data on one line. Use 
URLENCODE/URLDECODE for text or htmltext to flatten big blocks of 
text with paragraphs and styles.

if the data consists only of numbers, there could be comma delimited 
lists inside of the tab delimited lists... yikes!

then there's quotes....

even a single comma delimited list inside a single property can be 
defined as an array inside of an array...

>Thanks Mark,
>I was hoping to have an array of arrays, but can certainly make it 
>work using a range of custompropertysets.

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