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Hi Kresten,
i `ll try it as short as possible;)

On 18.03.2006, at 03:20, Kresten Bjerg wrote:

FOA. Why Mindmaps? Im gooing away from that (word). Why?
Tony Buzan has not invented them.  Buzan has reinvented them, but has  
the copyright. (The spanish monk Ramon LLul invented) Very bad for  
Open Source and freeware low price notebooks. why pay a fee for  
copyiing? Call them concept maps, idea maps, etc...

> Has anyone been experimenting with implementing elementary mind- 
> mapping functions
> in Rev ?
I did it. But its a different animal. I developed trainingsmaps  
(based on mindmaps). trainingsmaps are for  learning (unknown  
content) MM are for notetaking.
I did the trainingsmaps in Inspiration and made the authoring in an  
erarly version of rev (based on image maps). (That worked, but it has  
cost me some years of my "non coder´s" life)

> In our development of a  global freeware e-diary tool we would like  
> to include at least
> some options for users to build and update their own mind-maps,  
> without having to pay
> many hundreds meals of rice for themselves or their kids to do it?
Why I would not do that without a specisl collaboration of a new and  
different RR. rev laks support, a modular concept, a engine only  
version, a foreseeable business policy, etc...

> But a search on this site hardly has a clue.
>  If the INSPIRATION people could do it many many years ago, it  
> shouldnt be that complicated ?

Now I dont work much with Inspiration anymore, but it has one big  
point for developing any Maps and MM´s. The best integration of Maps  
and Outliner in one tool. No other tool does it like Inspiration. And  
its stable. Did I mentioned stable? distribiuted worldwide. for WIN  
Mac and Palm.

Sometimes (here on the list) I tried to find a "kind" of Outliner/ 
maps programming GUI for the rev engine, Richard and others saif the  
y could do that, ... It never has been realized. (i think: For your  
project you need a rev engine only and a good support from RR.)
Aa good outliner is essentiell for a good mindmapping tool. If you  
want "Mindmapping small" take kidspiration, My Mind, Freemind or on  
of the Concept map tools out there.
Daniels & Mara did a nice step in that direction. Have a look at  
"Constellation". that could be the base of a real Map/outliner  
developer tool. Yes I know thats not exactly what you are looking  
for, biut thats what i think would be be a killer app for the 100  
Notebook. But its only the half, and here ist the pint for such a  
tool. (No matter if its a MM developer or a MM drawing tool (yours):  
developer costs...

And there are so many good (MM drawing) tools out there, for little  
money too. For Mac and Win and open source (http:// 
freemind.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page). For  
crossplatform, professional and/or beginners.
Here is a list from the top of my head for the mac. Nearly all of  
them can export to html, rtf, opml, rtf and pdf with links. Some are  
mentioned bevore.

My Mind
Pyramid, Incubator
Omni Graffle
Nova Mind
ConceptDraw MINDMAP
Mind Manager
(I think thats part of the debian distribution now)

> But a search on this site hardly has a clue.
>  If the INSPIRATION people could do it many many years ago, it  
> shouldnt be that complicated ?
Stable, usable, brainstorming (rapid fire) send dokuments to Word and  
integrated Outliner? with tousands of templates and Millions of  
Symbol libs?

> And with the 100 dollar MIT laptop to Africa it might fit into a  
> linux context !

i had/have this idea, but with the traningsmaps. Because the people  
there should learn first(!) the basics of the PC´s, Net,  
telekommunication. Notetaking with Mindmaps (on the PC) is imho the  
second or third step. First is MM or any other typ of maps on Paper
for brainstorming I would rather use a good outliner like Mori  
(before HogBay notebook), Omni Outliner, Devonnote(think) Inspiration  
and Curio (the Outliner is inside - keynotelike - great for  
brainstorming) and Omni Graffle Pro.

my 2 cent

wolfgang bereuter

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