[OT] Major Flood in Kauai - Swami??

Rob Cozens rcozens at pon.net
Fri Mar 17 10:46:18 EST 2006


> The salinity measurements between the tropical latitudes has spiked, 
> so, all that evaporated water..it's got to come down somewhere... 
> someone said they had 24 free of snow in the midwest somewhere...never 
> happened before in their lifetime.   It's happening folks; we were 
> warned... this list is not the place to say more, suffice it to say: 
> the show begins.

I've seen the PowerPoint presentation on ocean warming that was 
presented to the U.S. Congress by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, 
and predict we'll be experiencing more and increasingly severe bad 
weather in the future.

Rob Cozens, Staff Conservator
Mendonoma Marine Life Conservancy

"[T]he international community would require us to prove to them that 
the climate change is adversely affecting us and what impacts it might 
have on our economics and what steps can be taken by us before they 
might consider to act.  This is arrogance at its worst....  We are 
where we are because of the excessive consumption needs and greed of 
the developed and more powerful countries.  They, the developed 
countries, must accept their responsibility and take the consequences 
of their actions on others more seriously."

  -- Bikenibeu Paeniu, Prime Minister of the atoll nation of Tuvalu, 1998

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