Thousands Separator on OSX

Peter T. Evensen pevensen at
Wed Mar 15 15:35:22 EST 2006

It is BZ 3392.  Please all cast your votes.

At 09:33 AM 3/14/2006, Rob Cozens wrote:

>Hi Peter,
>>To me it seems the Rev engine should give one access to this 
>>setting...  Has someone BZed it?
>I totally agree.  There should be a systemNumberFormat function to return 
>decimal character, thousands separator, and currency symbol string and/or 
>a formatNumber function that returns a numeric value formatted as per 
>system preferences.  Especially since every solution posted here is 
>If you find or log this in BZ, post the # and I'll allocate some votes to it.
>Rob Cozens
>CCW, Serendipity Software Company

Peter T. Evensen
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