[OT] Has anyone tried to send howsoft.com a bug report?

Bob Warren bobwarren at howsoft.com
Tue Mar 14 09:10:27 EST 2006

At my site (www.howsoft.com) there is a link to a simple PHP form for 
the reporting of bugs. It is very rarely used (??!!)

Recently, I changed service provider, and I didn't realize that the old 
syntax of the PHP form would not work any more. Yesterday, someone tried 
to send me a bug report, but it arrived without the info typed by the 
sender, including his/her e-mail address.

If someone on this list is trying to report a bug, I want to know about 
it! If you have tried to send a report in the last day or so, please 
accept my apologies and try again.


Bob Warren

P.S. E-mails can now be sent to me directly (even from the RR server) at 
the following address:

bobwarren at howsoft.com

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