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Chris Carroll-Davis chris at
Tue Mar 14 08:43:42 EST 2006

Ian -

Thanks so much - that's perfect!   I am writing a multimedia app that  
needs to display text in many, many languages.  Whilst Unicode goes a  
long to help, it is not a panacea - e.g. can you display Cambodian  
and Thai on your machine?  I'm writing a utility that means that as  
long as our translators can correctly see the text (as text) on their  
machine we can export the text as a graphic to display correctly  
within the app on anyone's machine.

By the way - where did you find this syntax?  Is there a document I'm  
missing?  I checked through the Rev docs and User guide pdf but  
couldn't find any reference to it...

Thanks again!


On 14 Mar 2006, at 13:09, Ian Wood wrote:

> On 14 Mar 2006, at 12:35, Chris Carroll-Davis wrote:
>> A question:  the release blurb for 2.7 says: "Render an image from  
>> any object on-screen, preserving the alpha channel, then transform  
>> and save."  Now this seems to be exactly what I need!...  I would  
>> like to convert some formatted text (i.e. a field) to a PNG file  
>> with transparency.  Can I do this in 2.7?  Can't find reference to  
>> this in docs.
> import snapshot from fld "test"
> or
> export snapshot from fld "test" to file "test.png" as PNG
> Having made sure that the opaque of the field is set to false first  
> so that there is actually some transparency to capture. This is  
> VERY powerful as it takes the info from the object directly - it  
> doesn't matter if there are other objects on top. A dream come true  
> for some of my apps...
>> I can achieve a similar effect by exporting (via snapshot) text on  
>> a white background then displaying resulting image using the  
>> "multiply" or "screen" inks (which are brilliant, btw) but that  
>> limits my options for colours in text.
> If you just want to show text over other colours you can use a  
> regular text field with the opaque set to false - no limitations on  
> colours, and works in older versions of Rev.
> Ian
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