Move stack problem

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at
Tue Mar 14 01:47:58 EST 2006

> On MAC OS X Tiger 10.4.5 with rev 2.7
> I've made a stack, one only, no substack and set the windowshape of
> this stack to an img.
> OK
> I cannot move the stack. It appears on the screen and I cannot move
> this window to put it on another place of the screen. I've tried to
> grab the stack with the mouse every possible point of the window : it
> doesn't move !

Check out Klaus's Christmas tree stack

When you use a window shape, you loose the title bar which is normally
used for moving. You also lose the close button, so both these
functions need to be allowed for in another way. Have a look at the
scripts in Klaus's stack and you'll see how this can be done.


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