Render Images

Ian Wood revlist at
Tue Mar 14 08:09:26 EST 2006

On 14 Mar 2006, at 12:35, Chris Carroll-Davis wrote:

> A question:  the release blurb for 2.7 says: "Render an image from  
> any object on-screen, preserving the alpha channel, then transform  
> and save."  Now this seems to be exactly what I need!...  I would  
> like to convert some formatted text (i.e. a field) to a PNG file  
> with transparency.  Can I do this in 2.7?  Can't find reference to  
> this in docs.

import snapshot from fld "test"
export snapshot from fld "test" to file "test.png" as PNG

Having made sure that the opaque of the field is set to false first  
so that there is actually some transparency to capture. This is VERY  
powerful as it takes the info from the object directly - it doesn't  
matter if there are other objects on top. A dream come true for some  
of my apps...

> I can achieve a similar effect by exporting (via snapshot) text on  
> a white background then displaying resulting image using the  
> "multiply" or "screen" inks (which are brilliant, btw) but that  
> limits my options for colours in text.

If you just want to show text over other colours you can use a  
regular text field with the opaque set to false - no limitations on  
colours, and works in older versions of Rev.


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