[OT] cgi, rev/mc & signal 6

N Cueto nicolas_cueto at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 12 23:22:25 EST 2006

Sorry for posting this here.

For years I had been using 
mc for cgi work thru my 
webhost's server, but this
all stopped after completing
a package upgrade last week.

Looking into reasons why, Ken 
Ray's cgi+mc/rev advise-page 
suggests (via Andu) using ldd 
to find whether any Apache 
shared libraries that mc needs
are missing.

The result of trying the ldd mc
command line was:

  mc: signal 6

A google search informs me that
"signal 6" indicates a terminated
process, but that's not enough
of a clue for me to figure out
what the next step might be.

Any suggestions would be welcome. 

Thank you.

Nicolas Cueto

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