Bug 744 - Incorrect Window Scroll on MacOS

Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at gmail.com
Sun Mar 12 20:48:36 EST 2006

OSX .4.5, Rev 2.6.1

I've just added menubars to the half dozen substacks I have.

I thought I was very clever, reviewed Jeane DeVoto's excellent 'Menu's'
scripting conference, then wrote a quick handler in the message box to
repeat through each substack, add 21 pixels to it's height, copy the
'Standard' group from the mainstack to the substack, then set the menubar to

Worked like a charm. Until I closed and reopend the substacks. Each one now
has a 21 pixel white band at the bottom. I tried to fix it by manually
buidling the menus using Menu Builder but no change - It all appears to do
it's thing, creates the buttons at the top of the stack then move everything
up the appropriate amount to hide them when 'Set as Menu Bar on Mac OS" is
selected. But if I close and reopen the substack the bottom 21 pixels are

A search with RevZilla came up with Bug 744. It is spot on what happens.
This was reported for version 2.1 but it appears to be still open as the
status remains as New! I see Jacque made a few comments.

Here is the listed recipe to make it happen and a workaround by Tuviah
ok here is the final recipe to trigger this bug. set the decorations to some
decorations and then set the
decorations to something else in the preopenstack. close and save the stack,
close revolution. open
revolution, reopen the stack and it happens. You can fix this by either
setting the decorations of the
stack before saving it to a standalone..or moving the line which changes the
decorations to openstack.

Well that's great except I don't set any stack decorations in a script. They
are all just their default when each substack was created.

So anyone know how to fix this problem?

Thanks in advance.

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