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Mark Schonewille europe at
Sun Mar 12 18:38:57 EST 2006


I know this problem was posted a month ago, but it appears that 
it was never answered.

There is a bug in the Revolution IDE that may cause the copy 
command to unhighlight any selected text. This seems not to 
happen in a standalone, though. So, before you try to create a 
workaround, build a standalone and see if the problem persists.



Jerry Muelver wrote:
> For a helpdesk application, I have fields with hyperlinks in their text. The
> fields have lockText and traversalOn both set to true, so the links will
> work. The user can mouse-drag to select text, Ctrl-C to copy (highlight
> disappears... oh, well...), and Ctrl-V in another app to paste. Perfect.
> Just what I need for helpdesk and CRM applications.
> However, only the first such select-and-copy works. Select another, and when
> you paste you get the first selection. Select another, even from the field
> after is is blanked and rewritten, and you can paste only the first
> selection. Less than perfect....
> I've tried "How do I allowing copying from lockText" in the Help file, which
> got me this far. Now I need, "How do I copy again?" to keep me going.


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