Mac OSX, Spotlight, and Rev

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>  > > Revolution 2.6 has a spotlight importer that will index our scripts
>  > > but I really don't know if it is present on 2.7
>>  Hmm. So, if we wanted to make our own content indexable, this doesn't
>>  have much to do with that, huh? I was hoping there was some way to
>>  support indexing data stacks and the like.
>Rev stacks since 2.6.1 (I think) have been indexed by Spotlight, but I
>think it only indexes the scripts and not the fields. It may index
>custom properties, so if your data is stored there, you can test that.


You  are right. Spotlight does not index content, but EasyFind--see 
below--does search content.

Richard:  Very  useful in finding that stack which has the special 
function, e.g. "intersection" or "theAngleBetween" in some script, 

However, EasyFind will search both the scripts and the  content. It 
does not index, so it is slow. (To search scripts be sure to include 
"RSTK" file types.)

To check out EasyFind (freeware) check the url:


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