Must an OSX app have an 'Edit' menu?

Klaus Major klaus at
Fri Mar 10 12:54:42 EST 2006

Hi Graham,

> I've been asked to produce an app with no 'Edit' features on its  
> main screen (editing is confined to specialised activities in other  
> stacks that are not normally visible), and as such the 'Edit' menu  
> is redundant. However, this may be against the HIG, and anyway the  
> RR docs say
>> The Edit menu and the "Preferences" menu item
>> On OS X systems, the "Preferences" menu item is also normally  
>> placed in the
>> Application menu. To accommodate this user-interface standard,  
>> Revolution removes the
>> last two menu items of the Edit menu when a standalone application  
>> is running on an OS
>> X system. Therefore, the last menu item in your Edit menu button  
>> should be
>> "Preferences". The menu item above it should be a divider line (a  
>> dash).
>> Note:  The Preferences menu item is treated in this special way  
>> only if its name starts
>> with the string "Preferences".
> Well, I need a 'Preferences' item, so am I doomed to have an 'Edit'  
> menu on OSX?

I am afraid yes :-/
See also bug nr. 818

> Anyone know a way around this?

The only way to work around this is to have a disabled menuitems in  
that menu,
that's the way I do it:


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