RevCon West Pre-Announcement - Save June 16-17!

Erik Hansen erikhans08 at
Thu Mar 9 19:21:50 EST 2006


i am putting on a show at the RIO Theatre in
Santa Cruz for every local youth dance company
in this town. most of these turn out to be Latin
Baile Juventud is the title, tickets will be
because i want the place to SELL OUT plus
the familes are all on budgets.

every cent i have has gone into the rent and i
will have to wait until tickets sell by April
before there are funds for anything else.

last year your camera man said he might be able
to use a second camera. if i shoot for you
full time, could i get the veterano alumno
discount? i also edit.

the material is over my head anyway so peripheral
learning is fine. i will also be buying Arcade
Malte says he can hook me up with game creators
who can take my dance concept and do something
with it. 

the time has come to admit that the whole job
is way over my head and seek partners who are
REAL programmer while i focus on the dance end.

the point being that there is still a reason for
to attend an increasingly heavy hitting
like yours.

Erik Hansen

erik at

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