MagicCarpet Users and 2.7 bugs

Dave Cragg dcragg at
Thu Mar 9 19:19:49 EST 2006

On 9 Mar 2006, at 21:14, Chipp Walters wrote:

> For those of you who use MagicCarpet:
> The only serious bug I can track down has to do with FTP and  
> libURL. Turns out Rev 2.7 won't upload propertly to our FTP servers  
> with the new version of libURL (MagicCarpet plugin users should be  
> aware of this!).
> That said, Dave Cragg's already got a fix (and patch) and I assume  
> it will find it's way into the dot upgrade of 2.7. If you're a  
> MagicCarpet user and are using 2.7, I suggest you contact Dave  
> Cragg for the libURL patch.

Just a word on this before you all flood me with requests. There was  
small change to the FTP routine in the libUrl version that ships with  
2.7. It was designed to get round a problem that some users had  
reported. Chipp's FTP server is the only one we know of so far to  
have a problem with the new libUrl version. So it's most likely some  
people will see an improvement with the version in 2.7, and most will  
see no change.

Below is some background to the problem, which might help you decide  
whether you are suffering from the issue Chipp mentioned. But if you  
are having FTP problems in general, please let me know, and I'll take  
a look. (If you could supply some log data by using  
libUrlSetLogField, it would help greatly.)

The background....
Under 2.6.1 (and earlier )a few users had reported a problem with  
timeouts when uploading files (usually largish ones > 100KB). The  
timeouts occurred at a stage in the FTP process immediately after the  
file had uploaded, when libUrl is waiting for a "226 completed"  
message from the server. Some people reported switching to "active"  
FTP mode helped, but this didn't work in all cases. I started  
experiencing the same problem after installing a new (and cheap) ADSL  
router. The problem also occurred when using commercial FTP client  
applications. Taking a hint from one of Fetch's "obscure settings"  
designed for problematic NAT routers, I added an extra "do nothing"  
command (NOOP) at the end of the upload and before checking for the  
"226" response. I understand that some other FTP client  
implementations employ a similar approach. This has worked in testing  
with a variety of servers. Chipp's is the first problem encountered.  
The error returned from Chipp's server is "421 Timeout (no new data  
for 900 seconds)". The 900 seconds is misleading. The message comes  
long before that. But if you see a 421 result, then you may want to  
let me know, and I can send you a temporary libUrl patch.



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