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Thu Mar 9 14:20:30 EST 2006

On Mar 9, 2006, at 10:18 AM, Peter T. Evensen wrote:
> Any other suggestions?  This is becoming a show-stopper.  I  
> couldn't get a SMIL file to work over the network.  It wouldn't  
> play all the files (it would skip some to keep up).

You could try creating a reference movie using EnhancedQT.  It is  
similar in concept to SMIL but perhaps the performance will be  
better.  Worth a try.  Here is how you would do it:

1) Get your list of movie filepaths.
2) Create two player objects
3) Call qtNewMovie to create a new empty movie in a temp directory.   
Load this movie into player 1.
4) Loop through your list of movies.  For each movie:
	- Load into player 2
	- qtSelectAll the movieControllerID of player 2
	- qtCopy the movieControllerID of player 2
	- qtPaste the movieControllerID of player 2

Player 1 now contains references to all of the movies.  Trying  
playing this back and see if performance is any better.  Creating the  
reference movie won't necessarily be quick though.

If you just want to test the reference movie concept without writing  
the code in Rev you can do the same thing in QT Player Pro.  Just  
create a new player, open all of the sound files you want to merge  
then copy and paste them into the new player.  Save the movie  
checking the save as reference movie, NOT self-contained.  You can  
then load this movie into a player object and see how performance is.

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