Player object and memory

Scott Rossi scott at
Thu Mar 9 12:45:53 EST 2006

Recently, Peter T. Evensen wrote:

> I am trying to play a sequence of MP3s.  I am using 3 interleaved players
> to speed up the transition between the sounds.  I set up the first 3 sounds
> on Player 1 - Player 3.  I then start Player 1 and when I get a playStopped
> message, I start Player 2 and set the filename for Player 1 to the next
> sound file for that player (if there is one).  Is there any memory
> management issues I need to be aware of?  My stack freezes eventually on
> XP, both as a standalone, and in the IDE.

You might try setting the fileName of each player to empty before setting
new fileNames.  I had an issue way back that was alleviated by doing this --
it might help in your situation.

Also, you might make sure that no playStopped message is being sent when
*setting* the fileName of a player.  This was a bug some time ago that
caused some frustration -- don't know if it was ever fixed, but even if it
is still present, I can't say if it would be a problem in your situation.


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