._ files (was: No OpenStack ..... ! Now Ending !)

Robert Brenstein rjb at robelko.com
Thu Mar 9 12:03:34 EST 2006

>>One more small point. When I drop my files onto (would
>>you believe it ?) a Lexar JumpDrive, and move to the PC,
>>I find that I have twice the files I thought. I get the same
>>number of Alias ? files, equivalent to the files I copied.
>>How do I remove this problem ?
>I have simply ignored the files that whose names start with "._".
>I suspect these files contain the resource fork data -- if the file 
>has any.  Since Rev stacks have nothing in the resource fork, it 
>shouldn't be an issue...and hasn't been for moi.
>Rob Cozens, CCW
>Serendipity Software Company

For those wondering about those ._ files, here is the explanation 
from the "guilty" party, Apple itself:


For most files, these ._ are actually empty and in case of Rev stacks 
safely ditched.


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