2.7 bugs

David Burgun dburgun at dsl.pipex.com
Thu Mar 9 06:33:45 EST 2006


  I've had to write some externals too for features that are not in  
RunRev already. The point is that you found a work-around, however if  
you have a bug at the "core" of RunRev there is no work-around except  
to use a different development system. Also once you have written  
your external all you have to do from them on is use it in all other  
projects that require that feature, whereas if it's a bug in RunRev  
then you have to remember that feature "X" does not work in all other  

I've wasted days trying to make something work in RunRev that  
according to the documentation should work just fine but because of a  
bug it either didn't work at all or didn't work as published. Of  
course I couldn't charge the client for that time either. In your  
case this just happened to you with one client, not because of a bug,  
but because a feature was not present,  which you could have found  
out simply by asking RunRev "Is Anti-Aliased vector graphics  
supported?". You could then build the time to code this as an  
external into your quote. With a bug in RunRev you are dealing with  
something that should work and that is documented to work but just  
doesn't work. This (at least potentially) affects all developers in  
all projects and causes a lot time to be waste as well as a lot of  
hair pulling and grinding of teeth! If we added up all the hours lost  
by all developers (as well as putting off newbies) because of bugs in  
RunRev, I'm willing to bet that it would add up to a lot more than  
the time you lost due to not having a feature added.

The difference is in control. With an unsupported feature, the  
developer is in control, with bug the developer is NOT in control and  
therefore in a much more frustrating position.

All the Best

On 9 Mar 2006, at 11:28, jbv wrote:

> David,
>> Anti-aliasing Graphics Engine. Revolution’s vector graphics
>> presentation layer is now anti-aliased.
>> These are super-cool features, but they are not NEEDED,
> anti-aliased vector graphics were BADLY NEEDED, and I've been
> begging for it since 2002 or so...
> In a couple of projects that required high quality graphics I had  
> to write
> an external that used 2D openGL to achieve the quality requested by
> my client. And of course, I wasn't able to charge that client for the
> development time that happened to be several times more important
> than using a simple vector graphics tool in Rev (simply because it was
> hard to admit that a dev. tool that I described as "the best one  
> around"
> didn't feature anti-aliased graphics)...
> Different needs, different priorities...
> Best,
> JB
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