2.7 bugs

jbv jbv.silences at club-internet.fr
Thu Mar 9 06:28:15 EST 2006


> Anti-aliasing Graphics Engine. Revolution’s vector graphics
> presentation layer is now anti-aliased.
> These are super-cool features, but they are not NEEDED,

anti-aliased vector graphics were BADLY NEEDED, and I've been
begging for it since 2002 or so...
In a couple of projects that required high quality graphics I had to write
an external that used 2D openGL to achieve the quality requested by
my client. And of course, I wasn't able to charge that client for the
development time that happened to be several times more important
than using a simple vector graphics tool in Rev (simply because it was
hard to admit that a dev. tool that I described as "the best one around"
didn't feature anti-aliased graphics)...

Different needs, different priorities...


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