Slow Dialogs in Rev 2.7

Paul Claude paulclaude at
Thu Mar 9 03:20:25 EST 2006

Well, I've copied the whole revolution folder in my iBook, and there it
works normally (mac os x 10.3.9), so it's not a plugin issue. I think the
problem could be related to Mac Os 10.4.4.

on 08/03/2006 19:16, J. Landman Gay at jacque at wrote:

> I am completely puzzled. I don't think anyone else has this problem or
> they would have said so. It must be something about your particular
> system. All I can suggest is to reinstall Revolution.
> Sometimes virus checkers interfere and cause slowdowns, but that doesn't
> seem too likely since your other windows open okay.
> If you have any custom plugins, try removing them and restarting Rev.
> Also make sure you have no custom frontscripts or backscripts. I hope
> someone else can think of other things to try, because what is happening
> is not normal behavior.

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