More on Media -- the backdrop

Timothy Miller gandalf at
Wed Mar 8 17:53:06 EST 2006

Peter wrote:

>I'm not sure if the Rev Media IDE will have the backdrop on by 
>default, or if it is just the player that will have the backdrop.

Well, if just the player has a mandatory black backdrop, that's no 
big deal and it might be a good thing, I suppose.

I had gotten the impression from other messages that the black 
backdrop will be mandatory for Media itself, not just the player.

Actually, this page seems to indicate the black backdrop will always 
be turned on in Media: 
I hope not, though.

I've been trying to use my Dreamcard stacks with the black backdrop 
turned on all the time for a few days, as a preview. It's not a 
nightmare to have it turned on. Maybe some users will prefer it. But 
it's a little inconvenient for me -- just enough to be user hostile 
if it can't be turned off. I can't see any good reason to make it 

Removal of database access for Dreamcard is incentive enough for many 
former Dreamcard users to move up to Studio. The backdrop is just 
inconvenient enough to be user-unfriendly, but not a good reason, by 
itself, to upgrade to Studio. Worst of both worlds...


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