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Wed Mar 8 14:50:34 EST 2006

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> Thanks for all the info, I've been going through the help files over the
> past few days, but I think I need to put a few hours to one side to really
> get to grips with it.


Two components I would recommend that you use to view example stacks...
Application Browser... in the Tools menu
Find & Replace... in the Edit menu

Application Browser
It will show you all the components and right click should lead you to many
discoveries of the structure and scripting used by experts and teachers
alike.  Pay particular attention to groups (confusing at first but worth
Whenever I want to discover 'how they did that', I use this tool.

Also, use Find and Replace in the Edit menu
Note the drop down menu choices and the check boxes that let you
search  globals and 'custom' [properties]

Doing several kinds of Find operations will show you many examples of
Revolution terminology.  Note the fly-over text that explains more about the
check box. Hint: double clicking the found item in the list will open the
script container for you.

If you are a puzzle solver.. Rev is an amazing sandbox!!

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

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