Revolution vs Visual Basic

Garrett Hylltun garrett at
Wed Mar 8 14:35:13 EST 2006

Ken Ray wrote:


> Just curious... any particular reason you need just the ANSI font names if
> the list of fonts returned by fontNames() is what's installed in the
> computer?
> If not, then it's even easier:
>   put fontNames() into varFontMenuBuild
>   sort lines of varFontMenuBuild

I would end up with font names that I believe are in unicode characters 
and did not display well in Rev.  And I do not know how to resolve that 
at this time  :-(


Geneva CE
Monaco CE
Times CE
Helvetica CE
Courier CE
ÉqÉâÉMÉmäpÉS Pro W6
ÉqÉâÉMÉmäpÉS Pro W3
ÉqÉâÉMÉmä€ÉS Pro W4
ÉqÉâÉMÉmñæí© Pro W6
ÉqÉâÉMÉmñæí© Pro W3
ÉqÉâÉMÉmäpÉS Std W8
Geeza Pro Bold
Lucida Grande CE

Lines 6 through 12 show as characters above the 159 character range and 
are not readable on my English setup here.  I assume that the fonts on 
those lines are unicode.


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