Revolution vs Visual Basic

Dan Shafer revolutionary.dan at
Wed Mar 8 13:56:47 EST 2006


(Keep in mind as you read this that although I'm a language junkie and I've
done a bit of work in VB, though not recently, I'm really a Mac guy so some
other Windows developers here may very well declare me to be all wet. I
would bow to their judgement.)

Revolution's largest claim to fame is clearly that it allows the creation of
cross-platform standlone applications from a single development platform. If
that's an important factor for you, then obviously VB variants aren't going
to be the answer because you cannot create OS X or Linux/Unix apps from it.
If, however, you are purely a Windows developer and if you're already
steeped in VB syntax, methodologies and architecture, then my guess is
you'll find yourself well-served in the long run by staying with VB.

A lot of what you are looking for in Rev isn't built in but as others have
shown in their answers here, creating the functionality in Rev is close to
trivial. But the programming paradigm in Revolution with its Transcript
xTalk language is so substantially different from the approaches taken by VB
that twisting your head around it may prove challenging. That challenge is
definitely worthwhile if you plan to create cross-platform software but if
you don't, I'm not sure it's worth it.

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